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Gerry has an uncanny ability to understand the challenges that on-air people face.  He helped me better understand how to enhance my personality and the personalities of my colleagues on the set. He has a helpful way of showing you how to display your human side while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

I consider Gerry a trusted confidante.  There is no one better at establishing a rapport with on-air people.  He is particularly gifted dealing with analysts who are making the transition into broadcasting.  


The list of people he has helped dramatically improve their performance is extensive. Gerry has been an important person in my career.

Rece Davis

ESPN College GameDay Host

Gerry is a media trainer, but SO much more.  Life coach. Connector. Advocate. Friend. Seriously, a gem of a human. Work with him, and your life will be richer. 

David Greene

Award-winning journalist 

New York Times best-selling author 

Host of NPR's Morning Edition


I would highly recommend Gerry Matalon to any broadcaster regardless of age or experience. He will make you better!  Gerry has been a tremendous asset in my growth as a broadcaster and college football analyst. I have worked with many coaches in my lifetime and Gerry has been among the best. 

Chris Spielman

Fox NFL Analyst

I’ve witnessed first hand the teaching methods that Gerry uses while training athletes for potential media opportunities. The beauty is, it’s not just “his methods” he’s trying to teach you, it’s that his methods get results! Turn on a TV anywhere, and it’s clear that Gentle Gerry is a force unparalleled in this business.

Curt Menefee

Fox NFL Studio Host

Lobo 2.jpg

I have been fortunate to work with some great coaches in my life, and Gerry Matalon is one of them. He is a great communicator who can pinpoint and articulate what you need to do to improve yourself on-air. His coaching helped me become more confident and comfortable working as a studio analyst.

Rebecca Lobo

ESPN Women's College Basketball Analyst


As a wide eyed rookie in a whole new world, I was so grateful to have Gerry coach me. His unwavering confidence in me was extremely impactful and I am forever indebted to him.

Chauncey Billups

LA Clippers Assistant Coach, Former NBA player, NBA Analyst

When I was hired at ESPN in 2006 I was extremely inexperienced. The company took a chance on me! I knew the opportunity was tremendous but I was also aware that it came with many challenges, specifically learning how to position myself for growth in a highly competitive industry. Originally hired as a NASCAR reporter, I very quickly started to ask advice on how to branch out to more mainstream sports like football and basketball. There were many people who helped guide me through the process and Gerry Matalon was at the top of the list. Whenever I had a question or concern I knew I could pick up the phone and call “G-Mat” and he would do everything in his power to help me. From career advice to just being a great friend, Gerry’s guidance played a pivotal role in helping me identify and reach my professional goals.

Shannon Spake

Fox NASCAR Studio Host, Fox NFL Reporter

Shannon Spake.jpg
James Brown.jpeg

Gerry Matalon is, unquestionably, one of the finest broadcast executives I've ever worked with or have seen in action as a presenter. Personable, engaging, honest, insightful, and knowledgeable are the words that come to mind when Gerry's name is mentioned.
I've been blessed to host the NFL's Broadcast Boot Camp since it's inception. Gerry Matalon has been one of the camp's visiting faculty since 2009. His sessions, detailing how to be an effective broadcaster, have been rated the most helpful, informative and entertaining of all of the Boot Camp modules.

James Brown

Host of “The NFL Today”, CBS Sports

Gerry Matalon played a key role in helping me to make the transition from playing football to talking about it for a living. He encouraged me to find my voice through constructive criticism and practical advice. I will always be grateful for his mentorship during the early years of my broadcast career.

Desmond Howard

ESPN College Football Analyst, Former NFL Player,

Heisman Trophy Winner 

Desmond Howard.jpg

No one has had a greater impact on my TV career than Gerry Matalon.  Gerry was the first one to take the time to help me with transitioning from the NFL to ESPN and being an Analyst.  One of the greatest gifts he gave me was to be bold and dynamic, but only after you have done your home work and you’re prepared!  His constant evaluations of my delivery, to my posture, to the use of my hands have all helped me improve and become better on TV.  

No one has ever come close to helping me with the personal details

that are critical on TV.

Merril Hoge

Author, Public Speaker, NFL Analyst, Former NFL player

Merril Hoge 2.jpg

Gerry is very interactive with people and communicates extremely well.  He’s always available and accessible for anyone who needs guidance, advice, support, whatever it may be, from someone who has a keen and experienced trained eye and judgment. He makes work a happier, friendlier and better place.

Adam Schefter

ESPN NFL Insider

Gerry taught me the little nuances of broadcasting. Most importantly, how to be myself as a broadcaster. After every meeting with him, I walked away more confident in my profession.

Nomar Garciaparra

LA Dodgers Analyst, Former MLB player

AJ Hawk.jpg

Gerry’s decades of experience and passion to help in every aspect of broadcasting are unmatched. His coaching is honest, sincere, and clearly gives you actionable steps to improve everyday.

AJ Hawk

Host of HawkCast, Former NFL Player

There are those in this business who say they care about people, and then there’s Gerry Matalon.

Whether it’s checking your on-air performance, or asking about your kids, he’s sincere, and in your corner.

Jay Harris

ESPN SportsCenter Anchor


Working with Gerry helped my on-air performance immensely. I know from experience that a good coach doesn’t just give suggestions, but really works with you to provide the tools necessary to get better - and that’s what Gerry did for me.

Tim Tebow

ESPN College Football Analyst, Former NFL Player,

Heisman Trophy Winner

Working with Gerry changed the way I see things. I thought I was engaging and paid attention to details, but Gerry helped me to magnify those things, making me better at my work and in my interactions with everyone in my life. He gives you honest feedback about what you need to do to improve in your work without making you feel like you’re doing it all wrong. For me, the best part about knowing Gerry is that I know without a doubt he has my back. It’s hard to find people who care, but Gerry has proved to me that the power of one is not greater than the power of all. There is no one I’d rather have on my team than Gerry.

Eduardo Pérez

ESPN Baseball Analyst,
SiriusXM MLB Network Radio Host,
Former MLB player and coach

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